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A secure key is a type of two-factor authentication that lets us know it’s you that’s accessing your account, and nobody else.  

You can either use a Digital Secure Key  (part of the Mobile App) or a Physical Secure Key (which is a key ring that looks like a mini calculator).

If you have a smartphone or another compatible device, we recommend a Digital Secure Key. It makes it easy to log on and get your banking done.

Find out more about which devices are compatible with a Digital Secure Key


If you already have a Digital Secure Key

With a Digital Secure Key you can use fingerprint or face recognition if your device supports this.

Find out which devices support a Digital Secure Key >

If you use a Physical Secure Key

Your Physical Secure Key will let you authorise payments in Desktop Online Banking, but it won’t let you verify payments within the App. 

If you don’t have a Secure Key

You’ll need one before you can access our App or Online Banking.

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If you’re having problems accessing Online or Mobile Banking

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Secure Key FAQs >

What is a Secure Key?

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    What is a Secure Key?

    A Secure Key is an extra layer of security that helps look after you and your money by generating a unique, single use security code every time you log on or authorise a payment. There are two types of Secure Key - a Digital version that works as part of the Mobile Banking App - perfect if you have a smartphone or tablet. Or, you can use a Physical version that is a little key ring that looks like a mini calculator.

    We recommend setting up a Digital Secure Key. It’s built into the first direct Banking App, and if you have the right type of smartphone you can use your fingerprint or face recognition to seamlessly log on or authorise payments.

    Find out more about which devices are compatible with a Digital Secure Key

    Is the Mobile App secure?

    Yes. Just like Online Banking on a Desktop, the App includes state of the art security measures. Plus, if you were to misplace your phone,  your App is protected with your own security details - including biometrics if you set up your Digital Secure Key with this functionality.

    Your Digital Secure Key is built into your Mobile App, making logging on and authorising payments almost seamless because you can set up your Digital Secure Key with fingerprint or face recognition within your smartphone or other compatible devices.  Even if you don’t want to use the App to do your banking, and you’d prefer to use Online Banking, a Digital Secure Key, held securely in your App, is a safe, fast and easy way to access your log on and payment authorisation codes. 

    What is two-factor authentication?

    A password is one level of security (or – one factor). But fraudsters can try and guess passwords, making them vulnerable. Two-factor authentication means there’s another layer of security (on top of your password) to keep you even more secure. A Secure Key is first direct’s version of two-factor authentication. It generates a one-time security code each time you log on, meaning it’s much harder for a fraudster to breach.