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Dealing with financial difficulty

I’ve already missed (or I am worried I am going to miss) a mortgage, loan or credit card payment, or I’m struggling with my overdraft

If you’re concerned about making upcoming payments for your first direct mortgage, loan, credit card - or you’re concerned about being able to afford an overdraft, there is support available. 

If you are on, or approaching the end of a period of coronavirus financial support, please see ‘what happens when it ends’. 

I'm worried about missing a future mortgage, loan or credit card payment

We want to help. And if you’re worried about your money, the earlier you get in touch and explain what’s happening, the more options there are likely to be. If you are feeling financially stretched and you want to reduce your monthly payments in order to get back on track, explore the following options.

If, having reviewed the options above, it’s not going to be easy for you to make your monthly payments, there may be other options open to you. Our Financial Support team are here to help you.   

Before you call, please make sure you have details of your income and outgoings to hand as we’ll be discussing these with you. These can be found on your bank statement or Online Banking. 

For Loan, credit card or overdrafts - call 03 456 100 188 

For Mortgages – call 03 456 100 193

We’re here Mon to Fri 8am to 6pm and Sat 8am to 4pm.

I am worried about the debt I am getting into because of my gambling

Visit our Help with debt management page, which has information about who you can get in touch with for impartial advice and to help you to get your debt under control.

You can turn gambling transactions on or off on your debit card using the App. To find out how to do this and for our FAQs see our Gambling support page.

If you need further support

If you're struggling with debts, either with us or with more than one financial organisation, debt charities can provide free, impartial advice. They could help you handle debts with multiple creditors as they may be able to liaise with them on your behalf. We can provide breathing space while you are working with them, which means we won’t expect payment for 60 days. Any missed payments will be reported to credit reference agencies and may make it more difficult for you to obtain credit in the future

Independent help

There are several organisations and charities who can provide free help and give general advice about managing your money. They can also provide assistance on things like benefits or other sources of support. You can find out about free independent money advisers in your area from:

The following helpline services are on hand to provide usefu help and advice: