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Get a Secure Key

Your new Secure Key will generate a passcode each time you log on to Online Banking or your Mobile App. It’ll also be needed whenever you set up a new payee and will keep your money safe and secure, one step ahead of fraudsters.

We recommend a Digital Secure Key that sits on your smartphone or compatible tablet as part of your Mobile Banking App because it’s less likely to be lost (we expect you know exactly where your mobile phone is at any moment). Even better, you can make use of fingerprint or face recognition to make logging on even easier if your phone supports these options. 

Setting up your Digital Secure Key

  1. First, you’ll need the first direct mobile banking app downloaded on your smartphone.
  2.  Once you've logged on, just go to 'Security Settings' in the menu, and select 'Activate Digital Secure Key'.
  3. We'll then take you through the steps to get all set up.

How to set up fingerprint and face recognition

  • Digital Secure Key - Getting started

  • If you don't have a smartphone or compatible tablet - you can use a Physical Secure Key

    You'll need to call on 03 456 100 100 and we’ll send you one out in the post.

    Please bear in mind it can take up to 15 working days for your Secure Key to arrive. So if you need to get access to Online Banking quicker, you’ll find a Digital Secure Key much quicker to set up and easier to use in the long run. 

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