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Bonus Saving Account

A cash bonus - for doing nothing

Because dipping into your savings can be tempting, our Bonus Savings Account rewards you for establishing virtuous saving habits. Every month you don't make a withdrawal, we'll give you a bonus rate of 0.05% AER/gross variable on balances up to £25,000. Don't worry - you can still get at your money if you need to, but for that month the interest will only be 0.01% AER/gross. Knowing this should be just enough to curb the temptation...

  • bonus rate applies for every calendar month you don't make a withdrawal
  • instant access if you need it by an internal transfer to your first direct Current Account
  • earn the higher interest rate on balances up to £25,000
  • start saving from £1, no maximum limit
  • sole accounts only and one account per person.

How to open a Bonus Savings Account

Existing Customers

Please call us on:

New to first direct

This product is only available to first direct Current Account customers (you're more than welcome to join us...)

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