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Travel Money

Don't forget to order your Baht, Euros, or Dollars... Order your Travel Money and get it delivered free straight to your front door. With all major currencies available we've got your holiday money covered.

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Travel Insurance

Going anywhere nice? Don't forget to take some proper teabags. And get some proper travel insurance too - provided by Aviva Insurance Limited and with a 15% online discount for all new policies. Choose single trip, multi-trip or extended trip travel insurance. Cover just yourself or your whole family. Add extra cover for things like golf, scuba diving or skiing. It's your holiday. Get travel insurance to match it.

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International payments

Easy does it. Arrange to send money abroad in all major currencies, any day of the week. For a fee, foreign payments can be sent to 80 countries in more than 40 currencies. If you're making a foreign payment within the EU, SEPA Payments are available, while Priority Payments sort out money being sent further afield.

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Travel help and advice

Do your research before jetting off - and we're not just talking about which waterpark has the biggest slide. In this section of our site you'll find important information for staying safe in countries where there may be unrest, and details on using your first direct debit and credit cards abroad.

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