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Protect their future with first direct Life Insurance

We know it's not the cheeriest thing to think about. But it's important and if anything happens to you, you'll want to know your family are taken care of. We insure our cars, homes, pets and even mobile phones as a matter of course, so it's worth thinking about insuring yourself too.

first direct Life Insurance is provided by HSBC Life (UK) Limited.

  • online application with only three medical questions
  • cover up to £2 million
  • lump sum pay-out after death or terminal illness diagnosis
  • choose either level or decreasing cover
  • you must be a named first direct 1st Account holder or, hold or be in the process of arranging a first direct mortgage to take out a policy.

A quick example

Less than £10 per month will get you £195,000 worth of cover (based on you being a 27 year old non-smoker, wanting level life cover for 20 years)**

There are benefits of putting your policy into trust

  • the pay-out won't normally be subject to inheritance tax
  • money is paid directly to the beneficiaries without having to wait for probate which can take months
  • if you're not married or in a registered civil partnership, a trust means your Life Insurance pay-out doesn't go to your estate - it's paid where you want it to be
  • puts you in control as you decide who'll receive the pay-out from your Life Insurance plus you'll have peace of mind that they'll receive it quickly and have financial support when they need it.

For more information about putting your policy into trust, see our Flexible Trust Guide.

*HSBC Life Claims data for 2015.

**premiums may increase if you pass a birthday between submitting an application and your policy starting.

Get a quote in less than a minute

Not covered yet?

Anyone can get a quote, but to apply, you must be a named first direct 1st Account holder or, hold or be in the process of arranging a first direct mortgage to take out a policy.

03 456 100 246

Available Mon - Fri, 8am to 10pm, Sat, 8am to 8pm, Sun, 9am to 8pm

Existing policy holders

You'll find full details in your policy document, but if you want to speak to us you can give us a call:

03 457 456 125

Available Mon - Fri, 8am to 6pm

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