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Your Secure Key is a very smart piece of tech - smart enough to tell you if something's gone wrong. In this section you'll find information on how to handle any problems or error messages you might encounter, but if you're still having problems, please call us on 03 456 100 100.

What do secure key error messages mean

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Locked out of Online Banking?

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Forgotten your password?

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Yellow button

  • use after you've created a new PIN
  • also used to generate a transaction code for authorising new payments.

Green button

  • press and hold for 2 seconds to turn it on
  • press once to delete one character
  • press and hold to clear all input
  • after you've entered your PIN, press to generate a security code.

The Secure Key has no off button - it will turn off automatically if you don't push any buttons for 30 seconds.

Secure key

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You can choose one of three Secure Key options - digital, physical or none at all. The type that's best for you depends on the way you prefer to bank.

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