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Secure Key FAQs

General FAQs

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  • What's the point of Secure Key and Digital Secure Key?

  • What's the difference between Digital Secure Key and a physical Secure Key?

  • Do I have to use a Secure Key?

  • Can I have a Secure Key as well as a Digital Secure Key?

  • Can I change my mind, after I have chosen a Secure Key type or not to have one?

  • How do the Secure Key and Digital Secure Key actually work?

  • What are the benefits of a Digital Secure Key over a Secure Key?

  • Can I use Mobile Banking as well as Online Banking with either a Secure Key or a Digital Secure Key?

  • What happens if I don't have my Secure Key or Digital Secure Key with me? Can I use someone else's?

  • Why introduce limited Online Banking access?

  • Is my account less secure if I don't use a Secure Key?

  • I'm going to have difficulty using the buttons or reading the Secure Key display, what should I do?

  • How do I log on without my Secure Key?

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