Extra security for extra peace of mind
Trusteer Rapport and your anti-virus software are designed to work alongside each other and provide an extra layer of online protection. Download them here:

Secure browsing Trusteer Rapport (Windows)
Trusteer Rapport (Mac Intel OS X 10.4)
Trusteer Rapport (Mac Intel OS X 10.5 and 10.6)
Anti-virus software ClamXav (Mac)
Free online anti-virus scanners F-secure (PC)

Trend Micro (PC)
Anti-spyware software Windows Defender (PC)

AdAware (PC)

Spyware Blaster (PC)

Spy Sweeper (PC)



Our guarantee

It's our job as a bank to make sure both your personal information and your money are
kept safe, which is why we've invested heavily in measures to support this. In the unlikely
event that there are payments from your current or savings accounts that you didn't
authorise, we'll reimburse you in full in most circumstances, please see your account
Terms and Conditions for more details.

You must take all reasonable precautions to keep your security details safe, like
making sure that no one can see them when you log on and not writing them down
in a way that can be easily understood by someone else. You also must not act fraudulently or let anyone else log on using your details.


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